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The previous life and career of Micheline Montreuil

A long time ago, when the Earth was green, I am born under the sign of the Gemini and of the Dragon.

When I was young, I have studied law, management and industrial relations in Quebec City, Common Law in Winnipeg and Ottawa and management and economics in Paris.

After that, I started working as a lawyer, management consultant and systems analyst.

I had also been an associate in a restaurant, a grocery and a real estate company.

Then I started a career as professor of management and law while pursuing a parallel career as a speaker in finance and banking.

Later, I returned to the practice of law as a lawyer and management consultant.

Furthermore, I have written many books and articles :

Law, Persons and Business
Business organisation and dynamics - a systematic approach
Introduction to business law
Business organisation and dynamics
The transfer of a pension plan in the banking industry
Removing barriers in financial institutions in Québec
Business law
Introduction to management accounting
Business and the management of operations
Research paper on the phenomenons of co-management or the participation of workers in the management and ownership of businesses in Quebec and on a comparison between the French, English and German models of co-management to explain the differences and similarities between the different models.
Basic principles of swimming and lifesaving 

The life and career of Micheline Montreuil

I am
a part-time professor in law, ethics and management at the University of Quebec in Rimouski and a lawyer in private practice.

I am also a student for a Masters in Ethics.

I was also lawyer at the Council for administrative justice

I was also a radio hostess and a member of many boards of directors.

Over the years, I have been invited many times to participate to some broadcasted programmes on television like news and public affairs on Radio-Canada, RDI, TVA, TQS, VOX, Canal Vie, Life Channel, CBC and Global.

Finally, I was also the president of a local trade union of the Quebec Public Service Trade Union.

To relax, I practise many sports such as swimming, underwater diving, badminton, volley-ball, tennis, softball, walking and even more, I like trying new sports.

I also love participating in social activities like going to see a film or a play, visiting a museum, walking in a park or on a beach, etc.

In brief, I like to practise all types of sport and participate in all social activities.

I am curious about anything and everything; that is why I am often asking questions.

With my blue eyes, my long blonde hair, my classic allure, my double personality and my bubbling but gentle personality, I am the perfect T-Girl.

Some of my friends call me the «Princess of Gemini and the Daughter of the Dragon».

I always say, with a smile, that I must be a strong and proud man to be a strong and proud woman like Micheline.

Micheline Montreuil on every day

On every day since May 13, 1998, I dress and I make-up myself like any conventionnal woman and that means that I wear a dress, a bra, pantyhose, high heels shoes and so on.

Furthermore, some time, I will wear a garterbelt or a corset if I wish to wear one.

I work dressed as a woman, do my outings dressed as a woman, travel dressed as a woman and try to be a part of the female word.

All my identification cards are under the name of «Micheline Montreuil».

When some people ask me why I wear a bra even if I have not gone through surgery for breasts implants, the reason is very easy to understand : after having submitted myself to an hormonal therapy, I am now the proud owner of natural breasts that are visible and I need a bra to support them.


Do you prefer my former look or my new one?



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