Micheline Anne Hélène Montreuil
in municipal, provincial and federal politics

Micheline Anne Hélène Montreuil

In 1984, I was
Candidate à l'investiture dans le comté de Langelier
for the
Liberal Party of Canada

In 1993, I was
Candidate au poste de conseillère municipale du
District 14 - Saint-Sacrement
pour l'élection municipale à Québec
du 7 novembre 1993
for the
Progrès Civique de Québec

In 2001, I was
Candidate à l'investiture dans le 
District #4 - Saint-Roch et Saint-Jean Baptiste
de la ville de Québec
for the
Renouveau municipal de Québec

In 2006-2008, I was
Co-Chair - NDP LGBT Committee
NDP Federal Council representative
Associated President of the NDP-Quebec
Co-president - NDP-Quebec LGBTT Commission 
for the NDP - New Democratic Party

In 20XX, I will be canidate for ...


Some day, I will be candidate in an election in my home city, Québec.

I will debate about fundamental questions like :

    fight against poverty,

    social measures,


    significant increase in the minimum wage,

    health-care accessability

    overcrowding in emergency rooms.

Effectively, the politicians often avoid debating ideas because they don't want to address head-on these subjects which are nonetheless so important for the well-being of the population.

I will start the debate and it will not stop; believe me.

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